The Sexiest Ways to Burn Calories

Most of us are trying to find ways to shed some of those love handles and burn off a few calories. There’s thousands of ways to do that. In fact, weight loss has become a multi-billion industry during the past decade. But, what could be better than relieving yourself of unwanted poundage together with your partner and at the same time increase your libido. Let us take a look at some of sexiest ways to lose those unwanted pounds.

Take a romantic walk with your significant other

Make strolling as the initial phase of your sweat6 sessions. You may not be aware of this but even a leisurely walk of about 3 kilometres per hour can burn almost 200 calories. Increase your pace a little bit and you will be able to incinerate around 250 calories in an hour of walking. And, there is a study made at Boston University which proves that a daily 3-kilometre walk can help minimize the possibility of impotence among men.

Massage your partner

You can help your partner relax with some of those good old back rubs. What you probably do not know is while doing so, you are actually burning almost 300 pounds per hour. But, you can only maximize the massage’s calorie-burning benefits if you stand up while giving it.

Learn how to pole dance

Pole dancing classes have become a regular offer at many dance studios and gyms. Aside from being a sensual form of exercise, pole dancing is also a great way to burn calories, develop body strength, and enhance flexibility. You will also feel supremely sexy as you profusely sweat. There are classes that even ask their members to do pole dancing while wearing heels. With this activity, you can lose up to a massive 600 calories in a routine that runs for an hour.

Try dancing the Latino way

Knowing how to do the tango, cha-cha, rumba, and salsa are all guaranteed ways to boost your libido and at the same time trim down your fat. Aside from being able to spend some quality sweat time with your partner, you will also be able to torch over 200 calories for every hour of dancing.

Go skinny-dipping

You can definitely lose a lot of poundage if you just strip down but if you swim, you’d be burning almost 450 calories every hour. Simply treading on water lets you lose 300 calories. Swimming has also been discovered to effectively assuage anxiety and depression, which results to a more contented, more relaxed relationship.


Making out will not miraculously trim you down but an hour of cuddling and kissing can burn roughly 70 calories.

Do it with your partner

Get busy with your partner because sex can definitely burn calories. An hour of sex will effectively get rid of about a hundred calories. You really have to boost your stamina and start relieving yourself of unwanted pounds performing an activity that you would truly love.