Lomi Lomi Massage

Lomi Lomi Massage in Melbourne

Experience the sensuality of Lomi Lomi massage in Melbourne here at Bodyline. This ancient form of Hawaiian massage uses a combination of soft, smooth and sensual touches to bring relief and pleasure to every inch of your body. Lomi Lomi translates from Hawaiian to ‘massage massage’ or ‘rub rub’, and involves one of our beautiful Bodyline babes using not just their soft hands and fingertips but also their forearms all over your body, often massaging two body parts at the same time.

You’ll feel completely refreshed, relaxed and relieved after a Lomi Lomi massage; it’s a feeling like no other. The coconut scented oils add to the sensory experience; you’ll feel like you’re on a deserted tropical island with the girl of your dreams.

Enjoy Pure, Unadulterated Pleasure at Bodyline

If you’ve never experienced Lomi Lomi in Melbourne there’s no better time than now to visit Bodyline for the most sensual, erotic and exotic body relief session you’ll likely ever have. To enjoy pure, unadulterated bliss, give us a call today on 9314 6551; no appointment is required.